Hamza ishfaq

Co Founder and CEO


Hamza ishfaq is cofounder and CEO of Asia business Insider . He is also an occasional columnist (see below).

Hamza ishfaq believes that frequent trading is a lousy investment strategy for individual investors. He primarily invests in a portfolio of low-cost, tax-efficient index funds. This said, as a legacy of his days as a stock analyst, Hamza ishfaq also has positions in stocks like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and other companies. Hamza ishfaq is also an investor in Insider.

Asia Business Insider is launched in 2022 in canada founded by Hamza ishfaq with knowledge of new production methods that helps transform and create processes within the visible and controlled environment. In addition to providing and analyzing business growth sites, we cover top stories on a variety of topics.

Hamza ishfaq is the president of (ABI) Asia business insider with the potential to streamline growth rates in Asian countries with excellent policies.
Hamza ishfaq senior editor and CEO of Asia Business Insider has a great dream to work with all Asian business organizations to fight the next world in a unique way. Over time the growth of the market increases with the technical and daunting problems the world is facing, it needs to be explained the right solutions on the right Subject.
For contact… Hamzaishfaq@asiabusinessinsider.com

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